Our Price

The price of a 3D animated video is determined by a confluence of factors including the length of the video, with longer videos generally costing more due to the additional time, resources, and effort required. The complexity of the animation also plays a crucial role, as intricate details and advanced techniques necessitate more work and expertise, elevating the overall cost. The quality of the video and the development of unique concepts or scripts all add layers of cost to the final price. 

To provide you with a more intuitive understanding of our pricing, we present for your reference two cases from our portfolio representing the highest and the lowest price points

A meticulously rendered 3D product animation for SANSUI earphones.

Price: 3,700 Swedish Krona per second

A standardly rendered 3D instructional video for the packaging instruction of Axis Communications AB’s camera.

Price: 310 Swedish Krona per second

You are invited to peruse brief overviews of our past cases here. Please feel free to refer to the pricing of each case as a guide, and you are most welcome to consult us for further details.

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